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Respect the Saints.

By Dylan R.N. Crabb


Move over, Drunken Peasants! There’s a new podcast invading screens twice a week: the YouTube Saints. The rising talk show on the most popular video-sharing website to date is hosted my two entertainers, Jeff Holiday and Nick Goroff, each with fan bases of their own. Jeff Holiday is a scholor in the scientific field of biology and uses his personal YouTube channel to expose pseudo-science, promoting scientific knowledge amongst the general public. Nick Goroff is known throughout the Web by his YouTube username, “Wizard of Cause,” and he uses his personal channel to dive deep into the human psyche in an attempt to pursue truths beyond the empirical reality of the physical world. Together, they are the YouTube Saints, “blatant punk whores of the new media getting wasted and treating the cancer of YouTube with the chemo of mockery.”

If you’re a regular patron of the Web and you’re not an idiot, you’ve probably been exposed to many forms of mind cancer on a plethora of platforms. The Saints can be your chemotherapy.