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Is it enough to be almost famous?

This film is fantastic.

Cameron Crowe, Almost Famous, 2000, <https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0181875/>.

It’s a quixotic story about a group of artists who are always chasing their passion while looking to avoid corrupting their art with modernity with different forces pushing and pulling different character in different directions all for the sake of the art. The main character of William is pursuing his passion to reveal the “soul of rock n’ roll” to his magazine readers and music fans, the character of Russell is pursuing his passion for making music while he and his band mates navigate the music business, the character of Penny just wants to follow her “free spirit” and enjoy life wherever she is, and all of them have their own ideas of “pure rock n’ roll.” Meanwhile, the character of Lester surrounds himself in nostalgia and laments what he described as a “dangerous time for rock n’ roll.” The film is set in the mid-1970’s focusing on a young journalist on tour with an upstart band across the country.

It is mainly a “coming of age” story about a writer jumping into his chosen profession head first with no training with his over-bearing mother worrying him with her worry. It’s also somewhat of a time capsule for musicians and writers.