Declare Independence from the Corporate Duopoly! — Green Party of the ABQ Metro Area

Declare your independence from the corporate party duopoly! For a decade now, more registered voters in the United States have identified as independents than with either of the major parties. Depending on the polling or categorization method, this group may include minor-party adherents. Minor parties, e. g., Greens and Libertarians, often are included in a […]

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Journalists now writing hit pieces on support animals

Writers who use the most mundane material for political hit pieces are not journalists.

Suitably Bored

Imagine having such a slow news day that you are willing to write a hit piece on a dead ex-president’s support dog Sully. I cannot tell if it is new levels of stupidity or a new low for journalism. I am going to just come right out and say this: It seems apparent that Ruth Graham doesn’t know much about dogs, or service animals judging by the article. And it is abundantly clear that they don’t have a pet because if they did, they would know that animals and humans take very little to get attached to each other, 6 months for a human is 3.5 years in a dog’s life.

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Apu being written out of Simpsons due to controversy

Suitably Bored

Seems the Simpsons creators caved too the moral outrage brigade and have now removed Apu from the Simpsons show. I honestly don’t understand why they are pandering to these kinds of people, the ones that don’t even watch the show. Apu isn’t just another Indian stereotype, he’s had a number of wonderful episodes build around him to build him as a part of the Simpsons cast. And the irony behind all of this? They are about to “de-diversify” a cartoon show. He is one of the only major Indian-American characters on television at the moment.

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More on the Kavanaugh Allegations — ISCOTUS now

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, and sexual misconduct claims against him, have continued to dominate this week’s news. When we left off last Thursday, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was scheduled to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, September 24, but had asked for a thorough FBI investigation prior to her hearing. Her request called…

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Kavanaugh Nomination Update—September 20, 2018 — ISCOTUS now

Amid the sexual assault allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, there have been renewed calls for the Senate to delay its vote on the nominee. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein issued a statement on Sunday in which she expressed her “support” for Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, the psychology professor who only went public with her accusations because…

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