Satire or bad video game journalism? Can you tell?

American politics has become so polarized that people are injecting their own political rhetoric into every activity, no matter how mundane. This is why identity politics is cancer to multi-partisan discourse. Ideologues are so intent on controlling culture that they will suppress individual expressions of art in an attempt to make entertainment reflect a specific view of the world and nothing else.

Whatever happened to “live and let live?”

Suitably Bored

You know what? These days it get’s harder and harder to tell the two apart, if what is being written by these online publications is really game journalism or just plain satire. The past two weeks I honestly could not tell the difference, and I don’t know if that scares me or amuses me. So here are four examples that absolutely mind fucked me, see if you can tell if it is satire or not. First example:

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