“It is no longer harassment if Anita Sarkeesian does it.”

Suitably Bored

For reference before we begin, watch this video from popular female Youtuber Barbara4u2c for the full explanation of what happened at Feminist Frequency’s “Woman Online” panel at VidCon 2017. If you want to skip the entire video I won’t blame you, but if you want to hear Anita Sarkeesian call someone a: “garbage human being” it starts off at the 2:40-minute mark of the video:

Can I for the record state the level of irony in this video is over 9000? When Anita Sarkeesian hosts a panel specifically against things like cyberbullying, only to turn around to someone she dislikes in the audience (Sargon) and call them a garbage human being? Add to the fact that Sargon wasn’t doing anything to provoke her outside of silently watching her panel. It seems like Anita was attempting to provoke a reaction out of Sargon so that she could then spin that into…

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