New Years’ Resolutions 

By Dylan R.N. Crabb


I’ve never been too interested in holiday celebrations but New Years seems like the most useless holiday.  Why is it necessary to celebrate a new year even if we already understand that a new year arrives every fucking year?  One can apply that same logic with birthdays and arrive at the same concusion: they’re fucking useless.

However; the concept of a new year’s resolution is not so useless; that comes out of a simple desire to improve one’s self.  Every human should strive for self-improvement while remembering that perfection is an illusion.

I think the key to maintaining positive resolutions throughout the year is to construct them with humble components; keep your resolutions simple and small (at least to start with).  Complicating matters with a more detailed agenda forces one to use more resources for the ultimatum.  There is beauty in simplicity and simple, day-to-day goals can help to clear your path for your long-term mission.

My simple resolution for the year of 2017 is to become a more organized individual.  I recently purchased a weekly planner and I will be writing my goals by the week in that planner.  Hopefully, this tactic will assist my efforts to become more organized.


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