Writing is my writ.

By Dylan R.N. Crabb


I love to write stories, fictional and non-fictional, two main reasons: one; to record human events for educational posterity – two; to provide a perspective of human history to my peers.  Every society ever formed has added their own perspective to humanity’s collective consciousness and every person to be born will have a unique perspective to add at a later date, which is why the humanities is such an in-depth field.  Social scientists study people and how our civilizations have expanded and evolved from small, family-oriented, hunter-gathering tribal groups to the dominant species on Earth, capable of installing instantaneous communication channels across continents.  Writing skills are the backbone of knowledge acquisition because everyone who wishes to learn more about their world must first devise a method recording information.  Writing as a discipline allows for written history and written history allows the smartest among us to keep records of the successes and failures of our civilizations.  This has been true since Herodotus of Halicarnassus wrote his analysis of the Greco-Persian War.

I write, not just for personal gratification, but to help advance my species to a more peaceful civilization.  I don’t deny that my writing as a particular point-of-view because everyone has a point-of-view – to strive for objectivity is to strive for perfection, which is impossible.  Humans are flawed like every other living creature, so our institutions are inevitably going to be flawed by extension.  However; humans have the capacity to learn from our flaws.  I make choices in my writing and making a choice based on something other instinct is the only thing that separates me from every other animal on Earth.  Everything humans do will be subjective and that doesn’t make what certain people say any less valid.

I believe that every individual has a responsibility to education by any means, so they can do their part among the human collective to advance our morals farther toward a cause of universal peace and tolerance.  And, it all starts, with the ability to write.


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